Universal IoT Gateway

Universal IoT Gateway is an embodiment of a 32 bit micro controller with a firmware written over RTOS for data acquisition, telemetry and analytics. The board offers connectivity through Telit modules, Iridium/GlobalStar satellite short burst data modem, GSM (GPRS/LTE/NB IoT) and Wifi modules. The board comes with an on board GPS module, 6 analog inputs of 12 bit resolution, 8 digital IOs and 3 relays for high voltage device switching. Firmware can be customised to customer requirements. The board is compatible with MATLAB, NI Labview, Visual Studio and QT Octave. The board supports MQTT, UDP, HTTP, CoAP and other standard protocols namely SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, RS485 / MODBUS and RS232. The SDK of the board is provided for application development by customers.


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